Sunday, September 20, 2009

Still sleepy

So today was our first class for Lingy/puppy training. It was orientation, so that meant no dogs, just the humans learning how to use the "clicker". Todays class consisted of one of us being the dog and the other person being the trainer! So the first command I have to teach Tommy is to touch his right hand to his right foot. We are not allowed to use any verbal commands, or "lure" with a treat, or move the "dog" into position. All we can do is click when the "dog" starts to move in the right direction. Of course my "dog" had to act like a bedridden senior citizen who doesn't move AT ALL!!! So how am I supposed to reward him for doing the right thing? Impossible!!!! Eventually the teachers took over and tried to train my "dog". He was untrainable! The best we could get was for him to put his hand on his knee!

Then the roles get reversed and I am the dog. After much spinning and foot moving and walking around, on and under chairs, I finally get it! I am supposed to walk backwards! And when I finally understand what my "master" and I use that term lightly, wants me to do, it was exilarating! I was so proud of myself! However, after all that, I didn't even get a treat, what a rip.

It was pretty interesting to see just how difficult it is for our dogs to understand what we want them to do, and we even knew what the rules of the game were....the dogs don't even know that much information!

Our first class is Oct 4th. Which also happens to be Juliens birthday. So I am glad I will have to get up, get dressed and go out on that day. But we will definitly be having pancakes and bacon in memory of Julien. Thats was his birthday dinner request year after year. His favorite.

Dorian is also going to start classes too. He will go in the morning, and then Madeline will go in the afternoon. We are doing them seperate so they will not be distracted by eachother and us. There weren't enough puppies to do a puppy class, but there will be a puppy a few weeks older then him in his class. We will have to do lots of work at home to keep up with the big dogs as he will be going right into a level one class. We started work today on name recognition....he is a star pupil already!

And last but not least our most exciting news of the entire weekend.......dadadadadaaaaaaa......


Yay! I ran to get the camera and she ran out :(

Next time.

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