Saturday, September 5, 2009

New Computer!


Mom and Dad U, have donated us sad computer disinclined people a "new to us" computer! It is very fancy and black. The keyboard and mouse are wireless! AND it is fast! 50.6 Kbps as opposed to our old one, the fastest we ever got was 45.8! Its SUPER FAST!!!!

So, of course the first thing I had to try was to upload a picture and VOILA!!!! It worked! In less then half an hour! Unbelievable!

Sadly though, I was trying to upload the pictures of our Team Julien shirts, and for some reason my Madeline folder did not transfer over....but I still have all her recent pictures on my camera, we just need to install the program onto the computer for the camera. So in lieu of that, I have uploaded a picture of Julien and I at his very first Dog Jog! He was so tired by the end of it I had to carry him to the car! (We were smart for the next one and brought his wagon!) He was such a peanut!

So I will put the new pictures up later when we get this program installed....

Tommy and the inlaws are picking about a thousand apples right now....and think they are going to have a pie making festival....enjoy. I will go take some pictures of them and keep you posted on how it tastes.


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You are a good writer - maybe a book someday?

Apple pie - will some be frozen for later?