Monday, September 7, 2009

Appalooza 2009

Phew. Tommy and his parents went to town on the apple trees on Saturday. I tried to warn them. But nobody would listen to reason. "Stop" I said, "some can stay on the trees" I warned. But it was like they were in an apple trance. It was like wasps to a sugary drink.

Thankfully Sunday was rainy, so we set up a assembly line, and put everyone to task. Mom and dad U were coring, peeling and dicing. Tommy was pastry boy. And I was making applesauce. Seven pies and about 15 tubs of applesauce later, we had not even made a dent in the apples.

So we sent them home with a box of apples, and we still have three hugs boxes of apples left. We are thinking of giving people pie making kits, which would consist of a box of apples and a recipe card! Maybe we will deliver them in the middle of the night anonymously! Ha!

The house smells like apples. And everything is sticky. Even Madeline wasn't picking the dropped apple pieces off the floor!

We also got a gift from above on Saturday. I will suspensefully say no more, yet. I have to get dressed and we are off to pick up a tree. Can't say no to free firewood!

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Ang said...

you can drop them off here in the middle of the night. Tell your boss you need to come for a class THIS WEEK....
I think I spoiled your news to mom - sorry - I figured you would have told her already....