Sunday, November 28, 2010


I was recently lent some knitting patterns from my local yarn store owner. They are all patterns for knitting machines. This Christmas we will get to spend some time playing with a machine, so I asked her if she had any patterns.

How could I not share these gems?
This one is my favorite. For so many reasons.
First of all, why is she wearing a veil? Is this a wedding sweater? It must be, because why else would someone go so overboard on the tanning? The pearls are the perfect accessory along with the silver bangle. I also love the red cougar nails, but I'm unclear on why her thumbnail is so short? Every bride needs something blue, how about blue spandex to match your wedding sweater?
These next ladies are fantastic. This blond lady is in many other photos, and in all of them, she wears this terrible painful smile. I think it's the fem-mullets. It must be. They really are fantastic when swept into an updo. So versatile. What is the rule on blush ladies? As dark as you can find, and no blending! A straight line , UNDER the cheekbone into your hair...remember ladies, we are creating a shadow effect, to mimic strong cheekbones!
Don't worry boys, there are knits for you too! Don't forget your glasses maverick. Men need to accessorize too!