Saturday, September 19, 2009

Schools In!

Tomorrow we have our first class! Madeline is back in school! We are starting out in a basic beginnings obediance class. Hopefully she gets a real confidence booster when she already knows how to do everything!

We did a little practice on our walk last night, got the old "clicker" out and a bag of dried liver, YUMYUM! It was like watching a bulb come on! We haven't practiced in a long time and she knew exactly what was going on! It was the most pleasant walk ever! I know, I know, why haven't we been doing this all along? I'll get back to you on that one!

We have been on a fast learning curve this week too. Puppy brain is slowing us down a little, but we are quickly catching up to Dorian's antics! He is one smart little peanut. Sometimes we wonder if Julien left a handbook behind to instruct him on how to be the cutest thing ever. Sometimes Dorian does things that totally imitate Madeline and other times it is the exact thing Julien would have done. Then other times, he is so different from both of them!

I remember after Julien was a little older, how we though we actually had some bearing on what a great little guy he had become. Then with Madeline, we started to realize, that they really do have their own personality, regardless of what we with Dorian, it is so exciting to see an all new personality emerging! This new little doggi person comes complete with the toilet paper gene! We haven't had the gift of a puppy that unrolls TP until now! So we are learning to roll it back up after you are done!

We also can't get over how much he loves his kennel! Put him in, close the door, he goes to sleep! This has been unheard of in our household before! We remember many sleepless nights, trying to get Julien to sleep in his kennel, we were not going to have a dog in bed! Three or four sleepless nights later.....Julien curled up in my arms and never left...and we all slept happily ever after! When Madeline came home, we didn't even try, but she still enjoys her kennel, and goes in it quite often for a rest. Dorian loves his kennel, he would rather take a nap in there, then sleep with either of us, which is good in a way, but a little sad, I was hoping to have a new friend to share my pillow with. But I guess I can be thankful for the extra room in bed. Madeline is also glad for the extra room in bed. I will always save a spot on my pillow for Juliens cheek.

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