Sunday, September 26, 2010


Today we toed the line. A dangerous line. A homemade raspberry jam line. A line that could bring a person over to obesity. It's scary.

Today, was canning day. We were a little less ambitious then last year. We only made pickles and jam this year. Today wasn't designated as canning day, but we were working in the garden yesterday, and my helper (Dorian) was kind enough to harvest the cucumbers for me. So today became canning day. After picking all the cuc's out of the garden, I foolishly left the bowl on the ground. I looked around a few minutes later at my sweet dogs....Maddy is playing Frisbee, Dori is chewing on a wait, that's not a stick...A CUCUMBER! That crazy boy ate an entire cucumber! What a sneak!

So Tommy found a new recipe for pickles this year, we will know in a week how they taste! We weren't too thrilled with last year's recipe, so we'll see how this new one turns out.

Then, since we had the canner boiling, we decided to get making jam with all the raspberries we picked this summer. I can guarantee, this is the best jam I have ever tasted. So come on over everybody, and have some toast. We are now thinking, we need to plant raspberry bushes over every inch of the property!
And people wonder why I like the fall! Harvest time... and knitting. What more could you ask for?

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Curse Has Ended!!!!

We have FINALLY sold the trailer!!!!

So long suckaaaaa, take your crappy memories with you!!!!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Harvest Time

It's has been my worst year to date for the garden. Everything is baby sized and barely there! But we did have a really good crop of apples. And I do say did, because Mr Bear cleaned us out earlier this year. We still have the apples from the driveway trees though, so many in fact one of the branches broke! So these are the apples from the broken branch, we had to get them in before the men in black came back!

Last year we were given this fantastic little gadget, and we were quite skeptical at first. But lo and behold, this is the best tool ever! It peels and slices the apples in one swift twirl! In less then an hour we had made three pies! Amazing! We still have a long ways to go, I think a few more pies and then applesauce for the rest! Good thing it's raining today, we will be stuck indoors for sure. Tommy has declared we are having pie for supper tonight. Sounds good to me....I believe I've done this before....pie, cheese, wine, knitting....why do this scenarios always involve knitting?

Yesterday was a lovely fall day, and the fire ban was finally lifted. Great news for us, because earlier this year we had 14 dead trees to cut down, thank you very much Mr. Pine Beetle. The mess of branches left behind was about 20ft wide by 10ft tall, what a mess. For the entire day, we had a huge bonfire going in the back yard. The pups were in heaven, because their favorite pastime is collecting sticks. Dorian especially, saved many sticks from a fiery demise. Tommy did a great job of tending the fire, while I sat in a lawn chair and knit. What a perfect day! At least I thought so.

We spent the long weekend in beautiful Kaslo, with some of our very best friends from Calgary. Unfortunately the weather was poor and their new boat was unco-operative to say the least. But we still had lots of laughs and the dogs played nicely. I didn't even take any pictures though! It was so overcast and dark, fall is definitely here, and I am not complaining. Bring it winter.