Monday, September 28, 2009

Are Titles Really Needed?

It has been quite a week, here in the Kootenays. Work has been at the top of my list of stresses this week. Wednesday our Union Rep is coming in and I am prepared to duel to the DEATH!!!!!

Stupid business owners think they can walk all over us little have messed with the wrong girl. To put it briefly....I did a used car inspection, a week after Julien's's hard to inspect through a blur of tears, but I did my best. Nor have I been using this as an excuse, except for right here, right now. Flash forward one month, the POS Ford Ranger has been sold and the buyer has had it privatly inspected. A few items were missed by me, and it is questionable as to whether these items had occured recently, or were there at the time of the inspection. Not to mention the vehicle was worked on by another tech in the interim and none of these items were noted by him either.

Big bad boss man, decides that as a form of punishment, I would have to repair all for free, almost an entires days of hours.

Let me reinforce, that in my year and a half with this company, I have never been reprimanded, pulled into the office, been written up, nothing! This is my first offence. And come on, have a little heart!

Now I can understand, if I repaired something and it didn't work, or still leaked....of course I would fix it for free. However, I did not even do any work on this truck after the initial inspection. I didn't damage it. I didn't do a poor repair. I didn't cause a leak. Nothing.

So I did the work, fuming all day. But the next day, that was it! (So much for keeping it brief, I am in full venting mode now)

So I got to work, went into my managers office and said it was unacceptable, if they asked me to work, they would pay me to work. At which point my manager starts to go bug eyed and stutter, and states that he would have to talk to the owner. Basically he is nothing but a bug eyed stuttering puppet. So I said I would be happy to wait, and he could come and find me when he had an answer. Out to the picnic table I went and enjoyed catching up on some flyers and newspapers. Two hours later he saunters out with the shop foreman in tow and says they have agreed to pay me half the time. My response. No. All. Or I will continue to sit here , or load up my tool box and leave. After a slight show down, he finally conceded. I put my coveralls on, and started work, even though it was almost lunch time! Needless to say I was not feeling overly motivated, and after many wasted hours, clearly their new form of punishment was a huge success! I am quite sure this battle has only just begun. I can't wait! I have some pent up anger I'm edging to get, this sounds like just the right battlefield!

Today was another exciting event, my first root canal! Well, half a root canal. Of course with wouldn't go smoothly. My roots are knarly and thin and difficult, so she only got half done before all the freezing was gone. I will have to go back in a few weeks and get it finished off. Oh boy, I can hardly wait.

Upcoming news:

Madeline will officially be turning four on Wednesday! I better get shopping! Actually, it's not like I have to spend time shopping, will it be a frisbee or a ball this year!

Yesterday we did some fall chores, starting with cleaning the chinmey! We're all ready to get the wood stove fired up now! I'm a little nervous though, our stacks and stacks of wood, that looked like so much in the the spring, seems to be looking like less and less every degree the tempurature drops! Hopefully we got enough!

I went into the garden, the first time since Julien died. I learned that Dorian will happily be my new gardening partner! Up and down the rows, sniffing and trying to taste test everything! Enjoying the feel of the cool dirt between his paws! Julien used to lie right down in the dirt! What a peanut. If I held a pea out for him, he would pluck it right off the plant. I will miss him forever in the garden.

I posted a fun game below....can you find the bulldog puppy in the pumpkin patch?

Our "gigantic" pumpkin has been a little disappointing, but still quite large! We'll start the seeds earlier next year.

Dorian has figured out how to climb two steps to be able to see sister on the other side of the coffee table! But then he gets stuck and just sits there and barks!

Time for me to sign off and go pop some painkillers!

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