Sunday, September 13, 2009

Phew! Soooo Tired!

So much has happened this weekend that we can all hardly keep our eyes open!

First I will start with Madelines big day! The Paws for a Cause walk was today. We arrived a little late and unfortunatly missed the pancake breakfast, which was sad because that would have been Julien's favorite part! But we made it for the walk, and when we got to the booth to drop off our "offline" donations, the ladies said "oh good! you made it! we were wondering where you were!" Which we thought was a little strange that they knew who we were, but it is the Kootenays, and we had a nice story on our profile, so we thought maybe they just took note of who we were. So we walked a little bit, but our training didn't pay off, and we couldn't complete the walk, it was just too warm and although we were walking beside the lake we couldn't get down to it to cool off. Madeline made a new bulldog friend named Ruby, she also didn't finish the walk, so we all just hung out in the shade and waited for the other dogs to come in.

Our Julien shirts looked great, and we made sure everyone took note! After the walk was bobbing for weiners and some dog Haiku readings. Although Madeline had also trained for bobbing for weiners and was totally ready to clean house.....we didn't get to participate...we were in the last heat and someone ducked in front and stole our spot when the whistle was blown. It was very disappointing. We were so prepared.

After the events they started to announce the rankings of the fundraisers! So we sat and listened and clapped. And when they got to adults, the 2nd place fundraiser had a total way lower then ours, so I nudged Tommy and said....I think we might be a winner here! And low and behold we were the highest fundraisers! We were totally shocked and surprised, but so thrilled to be able to honour Julien with this achievement! We got our pictures taken, and Madeline also had a little photo shoot with the Nelson Daily Times, we will have to remember to get a paper tomorrow.

So now I will back track to....last week!

Last Saturday we got a wonderful email, from our wonderful breeder and friend, Kandie! She had a puppy, one left! That needed a good home! And he was already old enough to go to his forever home! We immediatly responded with a resounding YES! Although there will never be anyone, who can even compare to my Julien, I couldn't even imagine letting this little baby slip through my fingers.

We spend the week shopping, making blankets and playing the alphebet game to come up with names.

So without further ado, we would like to introduce Dorian and welcome him to our family!
We drove all weekend, all the way to Edmonton and back in two day! CRAZY! I don't know how people drive long haul for a living, it is so exhausting. We got to meet Kandie, and so many wonderful fur boys and girls! Including a Dog D'bourdeaux, I'm not sure of the spelling, picture "Turner and Hooch"! What an amazing dog! Our little peanut stole every remaining piece of my heart that Julien didn't take to heaven. I love him. Tommy loves him. Madeline.....well.....he's alright....she guesses, as far as puppies go....

She is being a very good girl and we are sure to tell her that approximatly 476 times a day. We are so blessed.

So after a long journey home, we arrived to our bed at about 5AM this morning, and a puppy that was READY TO PLAY!!!!!!!! How can you not love every minute though! I've heard friends talk about baby brain, and we definitly have puppy brain! He is so adorable! I'm totally frantic and looking for a bubble to place him in...

I can already tell that he is extremly intelligent, and know what he wants, and how to get it! It is so neat to see how he is his own personality, so different from Julien and Madeline! I can't get enough!

So here are some pictures of the cutest little peanut on earth, Dorian.


Ang said...

SUPER CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Steph said...

hey Jenn, Angie told me that she thought you guys may have gone to Edmonton for a new puppy. Congrats! Dorian is beautiful.

I'm so happy that you decided to get another dog. When our Bentley went to the big dog-house in the sky, we didn't get another dog, but Minou arrived here 2 months later and helped to make us all feel better with her wild waggy tail and her little slurpy tongue. I'm sure Dorian will give you lots to blog about!