Friday, July 30, 2010

Rest in Peace Purla

Purla passed away today in the comfort of her little house.
We are not sure of Purlas' exact age. She was part of the package when we bought our house. When we first moved in, Purla was quite standoffish. She had been a barn cat and a reputable mouser. As time went on, she first made friends with Julien, as he was not interested in chasing her, and was quite interested in what she was eating for supper! Purla soon enjoyed cuddling and rubbing up to Julien and eventually she made a truce with Madeline. The first winter we lived here, we felt sorry for her and tried to bring her inside for warm up periods, she was happy to come inside, but only for a few minutes at a time. By next winter she would have willingly moved right front of the wood stove to be exact, but the house was a little full with doggies, to allow her in all the time, but she enjoyed many evenings toasting in front of the fire.She mourned with us last summer when Julien passed away. Yet she immediately became best friends with Dorian when he came home! They spent many happy hours playing together. Last fall we built her a new home, located on the porch, as it was clear her mousing days were over. She enjoyed the beginning of the summer basking in the sun. She passed away peacefully this afternoon. She has been laid to rest on the acreage that she spent all her days on.

Purla, it was lovely to know you and have you as a part of our family for a few years.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I'm well aware it's been a month....

Sorry, I have no excuses. Well I do, but I won't waste my breath!

Summer has finally arrived, we haven't seen rain in weeks! The clothes are drying nicely on the line and the garden has finally started to grow. My mom and stepdad were here for three weeks, and they didn't do any relaxing, all they want to do is work. It was exhausting just watching them. They arrived on Friday night and we spent Sunday at Rona getting supplies. Those crazy kids worked their butts off and had our kitchen remodelled in days! First the old view...

Yucky, dingy and dreary.

And the new view...
Bright, airy and shiny! We originally wanted to restain, but the laminate was too thin to work with and we had some damaged spots that needed lots of sanding. So we went with a light grey in a melamine paint, and new handles, and Mel and Tom found this dark grey tile for the backsplash. It looks stunning! Here are some of the hard workers, Mr Cherries;

Mr Rona,

They also built me a new platform for standing on when I hang my laundry, so I don't have to balance on wobbly lawn furniture anymore. It even has a pedestal for my laundry basket;)

Mr Rona is enjoying a nice summer off work to due knee surgery that couldn't have come at better time! What a lucky guy. It's no fun being the breadwinner that's for sure.

And lastly some FO's that were finished earlier in the summer.