Sunday, December 19, 2010

Snowshoeing at Nancy Greene

We had a lovely visit this past weekend from our good friend Jen! She flew in, to get a taste of a Kootenay winter wonderland! I innocently forgot to tell her that our airport is better known as "Cancelgar", but she lucked out and the flight landed! And there was only one cancelled flight on her way home, so she still made it, in the same day! The Kootenays wants her to come back for sure!
Although winter is meant for knitting and sitting by the fire, here at the Underwood house, we did manage to get out and do some sightseeing! We decided to try something new and learn how to snowshoe. Off to Rossland we went to get some rentals and advice. Everyone was very helpful, and full of good winter spirit. The snow was falling heavily and it looked like perfect weather! A good nights rest and we were ready to head out in the morning....but of course some Saskatchewan driver ( :P, wink) creamed and oncoming vehicle and the firefighters had to perform some jaws of life rescuing. Jen and I practiced around the yard and realized we might be in for more then we bargained for. Especially when you have to shake a dog off the back of your snowshoe after every step.

Tom eventually came home and we ate our packed lunches at the dinner table, since it was already lunchtime, and really why carry the extra weight?? Shortly after lunch we headed up the mountain to Nancy Green Lake for some kickass snowshoeing!
My dial up is failing me, I had more pictures to post, but no luck this morning.

Here's Jen, looking like a pro already!
We walked the trail around the lake, Tom went in the lead to "break trail" and the girls took it easy following behind and enjoying the scenery.

A view of the lake, it looked frozen, but nobody was interested in verifying that.

Breaktime! And time to turn around! We didn't even make it halfway around the lake! It was hard work!

Everybody slept well that night! The rest of the weekend was spent eating good food mostly! Lots of knitting, and lots of catching up!
Who's coming next?