Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Purla's Moving On Up!

We have a cat. She came with our house. Some people get the appliances, we get small felines. She's sweet and old, and doesn't like to spend more then a few hours in the house, no matter how cold it is outside.

This year, the little lady has been spending more and more time on the porch, and she is getting thinner and thinner. So Tommy and I decided we needed to move her into some retirement living. It is only partial assistance, she will recieve her meals, and we will do her laundry, but she will still have to bathe herself and go to the bathroom on her own.

The nice thing about moving into a previously enjoyed property, is all the stuff they left behind. So I drew up some plans and went scavenging for supplies in the back 40.

We found everything we needed from wood, to carpet to paint! And the roof is the old piece of our portable dishwasher that has been "hanging around" for a year and a half.

And Tommy really really really enjoyed his new compressor and brad nailer. This house is built to withstand hurricane force winds. The brad nailer came with 1000 staples, 1000 2" nails and 1000 2.5" nails....I think there's a few left.....

So we finished the final coat of paint tonight, Madeline tried it out for comfort! And we delivered it to the building site...a la manufactured home....this ain't no trailer!

I'm not sure how to get her to use it, we put her food dishes on the porch, we are hoping she will venture in on her own. I'm sure she will love it when she goes inside and sees the pillow with the kitty pillowcase and the leopard prints blankets!

Hopefully I can get a picture of her inside it some day!

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Ang said...

where did you go????? Are you in Edmonton?