Sunday, December 19, 2010

Snowshoeing at Nancy Greene

We had a lovely visit this past weekend from our good friend Jen! She flew in, to get a taste of a Kootenay winter wonderland! I innocently forgot to tell her that our airport is better known as "Cancelgar", but she lucked out and the flight landed! And there was only one cancelled flight on her way home, so she still made it, in the same day! The Kootenays wants her to come back for sure!
Although winter is meant for knitting and sitting by the fire, here at the Underwood house, we did manage to get out and do some sightseeing! We decided to try something new and learn how to snowshoe. Off to Rossland we went to get some rentals and advice. Everyone was very helpful, and full of good winter spirit. The snow was falling heavily and it looked like perfect weather! A good nights rest and we were ready to head out in the morning....but of course some Saskatchewan driver ( :P, wink) creamed and oncoming vehicle and the firefighters had to perform some jaws of life rescuing. Jen and I practiced around the yard and realized we might be in for more then we bargained for. Especially when you have to shake a dog off the back of your snowshoe after every step.

Tom eventually came home and we ate our packed lunches at the dinner table, since it was already lunchtime, and really why carry the extra weight?? Shortly after lunch we headed up the mountain to Nancy Green Lake for some kickass snowshoeing!
My dial up is failing me, I had more pictures to post, but no luck this morning.

Here's Jen, looking like a pro already!
We walked the trail around the lake, Tom went in the lead to "break trail" and the girls took it easy following behind and enjoying the scenery.

A view of the lake, it looked frozen, but nobody was interested in verifying that.

Breaktime! And time to turn around! We didn't even make it halfway around the lake! It was hard work!

Everybody slept well that night! The rest of the weekend was spent eating good food mostly! Lots of knitting, and lots of catching up!
Who's coming next?

Sunday, November 28, 2010


I was recently lent some knitting patterns from my local yarn store owner. They are all patterns for knitting machines. This Christmas we will get to spend some time playing with a machine, so I asked her if she had any patterns.

How could I not share these gems?
This one is my favorite. For so many reasons.
First of all, why is she wearing a veil? Is this a wedding sweater? It must be, because why else would someone go so overboard on the tanning? The pearls are the perfect accessory along with the silver bangle. I also love the red cougar nails, but I'm unclear on why her thumbnail is so short? Every bride needs something blue, how about blue spandex to match your wedding sweater?
These next ladies are fantastic. This blond lady is in many other photos, and in all of them, she wears this terrible painful smile. I think it's the fem-mullets. It must be. They really are fantastic when swept into an updo. So versatile. What is the rule on blush ladies? As dark as you can find, and no blending! A straight line , UNDER the cheekbone into your hair...remember ladies, we are creating a shadow effect, to mimic strong cheekbones!
Don't worry boys, there are knits for you too! Don't forget your glasses maverick. Men need to accessorize too!

Sunday, October 31, 2010


The pups couldn't be more excited for halloween,
But dad was excited to carve this little green pumpkin that came out of the garden all on its own! (we didn't plant any pumpkins this year, what a trooper!)

Here he is,

And with the lights off!

Of course it's a bulldog!
And kid count for 2010 so far, 0. But it's only 6:30, I guess there's still hope.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Knitting season is in full swing, Tommy finished his second pair of mittens already. This is the second pair for me! What a treat to have someone knit something for me.
And here is another pair of socks I finished earlier this month, Burning Stripes pattern, awesome pattern!
Apparently it is not possible to get a picture of knitting without Dorian's face, butt or foot in the shot!
I love them so much I am hoping to do another pair for Tommy, handspun out of this fantastic alpaca! Soooo soft!
Dorian loves Madelines birthday present, and grabs it quickly whenever she is not around!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Birthday Fun!

Maddy turned five yesterday! What an exciting day! She allowed us to have a family party tonight, and is planning to "hang out" with her friends tomorrow night, hope she doesn't stay out too late!

Here's the birthday girl,

And her guests, daddy and Dorian,

Mmm, that cake looks tasty!

Faster, faster, get in my belly!

Always the fashion plate, Maddy preferred to wear her hat to the side,

Is there anything left on this plate? ANYTHING????

The big present she's been eyeing for a year....Stegasauras...

At the end of the night, she got a little out of control with the party hats....what a girl!

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Today we toed the line. A dangerous line. A homemade raspberry jam line. A line that could bring a person over to obesity. It's scary.

Today, was canning day. We were a little less ambitious then last year. We only made pickles and jam this year. Today wasn't designated as canning day, but we were working in the garden yesterday, and my helper (Dorian) was kind enough to harvest the cucumbers for me. So today became canning day. After picking all the cuc's out of the garden, I foolishly left the bowl on the ground. I looked around a few minutes later at my sweet dogs....Maddy is playing Frisbee, Dori is chewing on a wait, that's not a stick...A CUCUMBER! That crazy boy ate an entire cucumber! What a sneak!

So Tommy found a new recipe for pickles this year, we will know in a week how they taste! We weren't too thrilled with last year's recipe, so we'll see how this new one turns out.

Then, since we had the canner boiling, we decided to get making jam with all the raspberries we picked this summer. I can guarantee, this is the best jam I have ever tasted. So come on over everybody, and have some toast. We are now thinking, we need to plant raspberry bushes over every inch of the property!
And people wonder why I like the fall! Harvest time... and knitting. What more could you ask for?

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Curse Has Ended!!!!

We have FINALLY sold the trailer!!!!

So long suckaaaaa, take your crappy memories with you!!!!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Harvest Time

It's has been my worst year to date for the garden. Everything is baby sized and barely there! But we did have a really good crop of apples. And I do say did, because Mr Bear cleaned us out earlier this year. We still have the apples from the driveway trees though, so many in fact one of the branches broke! So these are the apples from the broken branch, we had to get them in before the men in black came back!

Last year we were given this fantastic little gadget, and we were quite skeptical at first. But lo and behold, this is the best tool ever! It peels and slices the apples in one swift twirl! In less then an hour we had made three pies! Amazing! We still have a long ways to go, I think a few more pies and then applesauce for the rest! Good thing it's raining today, we will be stuck indoors for sure. Tommy has declared we are having pie for supper tonight. Sounds good to me....I believe I've done this before....pie, cheese, wine, knitting....why do this scenarios always involve knitting?

Yesterday was a lovely fall day, and the fire ban was finally lifted. Great news for us, because earlier this year we had 14 dead trees to cut down, thank you very much Mr. Pine Beetle. The mess of branches left behind was about 20ft wide by 10ft tall, what a mess. For the entire day, we had a huge bonfire going in the back yard. The pups were in heaven, because their favorite pastime is collecting sticks. Dorian especially, saved many sticks from a fiery demise. Tommy did a great job of tending the fire, while I sat in a lawn chair and knit. What a perfect day! At least I thought so.

We spent the long weekend in beautiful Kaslo, with some of our very best friends from Calgary. Unfortunately the weather was poor and their new boat was unco-operative to say the least. But we still had lots of laughs and the dogs played nicely. I didn't even take any pictures though! It was so overcast and dark, fall is definitely here, and I am not complaining. Bring it winter.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Handspun and Homemade

Well, here they are, my very first handspun, handknit socks.

I'm a little proud. My babies. I've been wearing them all day.

I boughts this lovely Merino Top at Birkeland Bros in Vancouver. Spun it up my lovely Louet. And it actually turned out to be worthy of needles.

Unfortunately, my ball of yarn came to an end shortly before the last toe. You may recall this same experience I had on another pair of socks. Frustrating? To say the least. But I forged on with a color that seemed relatively similar, that is until I took pictures. Sigh. I won't be fooling anyone I guess.

Hey you, judgy judgerson....where's your homemade socks?

Sunday, August 22, 2010

New Flash

We have been keeping it busy for the first half of August. Some exciting events are transpiring here in the Kootenays.

First off, as we have lived in this house for almost three years (well two and a half, but close enough) it is way past time to move. Plus we are starting to feel like this house has a curse on us, so a change is in order. We have officially put our house up for sale. We've had lots of showings already, and all good feedback, but no offers yet. I hope it happens quickly, I am already getting tired of cleaning the floors and house every other day. The joys of selling a house with two dogs.

Another exciting event happened yesterday. Our truck, which was a hefty lease payment, went back yesterday! What a weight off the bank account. So we are now a one car family, weird! I wasn't even a one car family before I married Mr Rona.

We have been inspired by my mom and step dad to try kayaking, so we have gone out for a few tries at it. It is an excellent workout. We sleep very well after a day of that.

Dorian went for his first boat ride this month. He did very well. He also enjoyed sitting in the chair that Julien always sat in.

We got a boatload of raspberries this year, so I think we will try our hand at making raspberry jam. I just made the second last batch of Zuchinni jam from last years crop, good thing, the zuchinnis are in full swing already. I recently bought a small jar of jam from the store and I couldn't believe how awful it tasted. I guess it is homemade jam for us from now on.

We had fourteen dead pine over the last year, thanx to the pine beetle. So our friend who is an excellent faller came and knocked them over for us. We have a big mess to clean up. It would be nice if they would lift the fire ban so we could start burning all the branches. It is turning into a rather enourmous pile.

Please excuse the dry content. We seem to be stuck in a holding pattern temporarily. I will try to spice it up soon.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Julien, October 4, 2004 - August 1,2009

Dear Julien,

I remember picking you up like it was yesterday. It was the best day we could ever ask for. We were so excited to finally take you home. We're a family now, your dad said. You were perfect. In every way. We couldn't put you down. We tried to kennel you for night, but your little cries broke our hearts, so we cuddled you all night instead. I miss cuddling you every single day.

We had so much fun with you, and you were such a little ham. We often pretended there was a zipper somewhere in your fur, and inside was a little boy. You were our first little boy and you always will be.

You brought joy to my heart every single day. I couldn't wait to get in the door and see your smile and wiggling bum, complete with a little hop. We took you everywhere, and everyone who met you, loved you too.
The hole in my heart is unbearable. One year is passed and the tears have not dried. I regret every moment that led to that day. I replay it often and try to change the ending, but it always ends up the same. I will never see you again. I will never hold you again. I will forever wish you were here, sharing life, and doing the things we loved to do.
Julien, I will love you forever, and miss you until the day I die.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Rest in Peace Purla

Purla passed away today in the comfort of her little house.
We are not sure of Purlas' exact age. She was part of the package when we bought our house. When we first moved in, Purla was quite standoffish. She had been a barn cat and a reputable mouser. As time went on, she first made friends with Julien, as he was not interested in chasing her, and was quite interested in what she was eating for supper! Purla soon enjoyed cuddling and rubbing up to Julien and eventually she made a truce with Madeline. The first winter we lived here, we felt sorry for her and tried to bring her inside for warm up periods, she was happy to come inside, but only for a few minutes at a time. By next winter she would have willingly moved right front of the wood stove to be exact, but the house was a little full with doggies, to allow her in all the time, but she enjoyed many evenings toasting in front of the fire.She mourned with us last summer when Julien passed away. Yet she immediately became best friends with Dorian when he came home! They spent many happy hours playing together. Last fall we built her a new home, located on the porch, as it was clear her mousing days were over. She enjoyed the beginning of the summer basking in the sun. She passed away peacefully this afternoon. She has been laid to rest on the acreage that she spent all her days on.

Purla, it was lovely to know you and have you as a part of our family for a few years.