Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Patient II

Madeline and Tommy are home from another marathon trip to Calgary. Maddy's staples were removed from her beautiful scar and she had her leg all checked out. The scar is wonderful, however, our vet was less then impressed with the amount of scar tissue that had built up so she has been assigned another three weeks of bed rest! Good lord! She is going to be a flash card genius by the end of this, she'll probably just start speaking english soon!

We certainly didn't expect any less from our Madeline though, the vet said at this point in recovery most normal dogs aren't even putting weight on the leg yet, and Maddy is walking around like she's training for a marathon, and even though we don't allow her to walk unless she is going out for a potty, that amount of using the leg has been to much to build up scar tissue, which is what the vet wants because it will help hold the knee in place. (A tibial crest transposistion is what she had done in case I didn't mention that before).

He also said we won't really have to do and physio or rehad, because clearly she is doing her own rehab. Thats Madeline, always on her own schedule.

Dorian was so glad to have them back last night. He is lost without his big sister to annoy. His big chance to play with anything he wants, and he walks around like he's bored! He had a nice snuggle with dad last night on the lazyboy (and on the orange chair).

Update: On thursday night...wait for it.....

I cast on the cowichan sweater!!!!

It looks fabulous! Every row I finish and look back at takes me back to Grandma's house in Warmen. I can see her with a scarf on her head if weather was mild and her baseball cap with a pompom on the top other times! I wish we knew where her sweater was! I wish I could have knit with her. But unfortunately I was a snotty teenager then, and not interested in knitting. I have many regrets of things I would have enjoyed with my grandma now, that I didn't when I was younger. But I'm glad we had such a great grandma for all the memories we did create.
Tyeing scarfs around our chest and running around her yard in our panties (makeshift bathing suits!)
Letting us cut all her flowers to make flower arrangements in pie plates cover with foil.
Playing in the rain barrel (ew!) on the side of the house.
Playing for hours on the big two bench swing.
Emptying her garden of all the peas and strawberries. (Hm sounds like Julien?)
Playing with her bible study kids.
The ring toss game, using canning lid rubber seals.
The scary scary basement!
Oh the wonderful dress up clothes in the scary basement!
The green swan that always had a candy in it.
Putting curlers in her hair.
Pushing the couches together to make a "crib" for us big kids to sleep in.
That terrible fridge that always pinched our fingers.
The gajillion salt and pepper shakers.
The rocking chair that sits in my living room now, that I rock all my puppies in.
Playing Jack and Jill on the teeny hill on her front lawn.
This list could go on for miles, but those are some of my favorites. oh wait I forgot the best one, Saskatoon Berry Perogies....
I wonder if her list would be the same?


Ang said...

I would add making kraft dinner with her and listening to her sing made up songs
her monkey doll that lived in the scary basement
and those other buns the horn something or others... in the shape of croissants
her BIG record player and those horrible nuns singing joy is like the rain
her painting of her friend with the LONG nose that I have - the night she came home with it we were staying with her and she couldn't stop laughing
that's all I can think of right now...

Karen said...

Oh you both made me happy to see what great memories you have of your grandma. I think of her almost daily and wonder if I am like her in any ways. There are so many questions I have for her now but too late. We will just have to go with what memories we have.

Karen said...

I love the look of the sweater - do you have more pictures. What will I owe you for this - more work??? Keep up the good work.

Love, Mel