Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter Monday

We had the pleasure of having a lovely visit from one of my forever friends for Easter! Unfortunately the Kootenay weather did not oblige and kept us indoors for most of the weekend, thankfully a little red wine and some yarn kept us fully entertained! Although she had a ten page paper to be writing, it only took a little arm twisting to force her to knit something for me! In a few short hours she made me this wonderful washcloth. The pattern does not show very well on camera, but it was very wonderful, and she even made little holes in it so you can hang it from a hook!
She is also a potter! One day we could share a studio and maybe even have that dreamy artisan sign outside our house on the highway. She made this gorgeous mug and gave it to me!

I gave her a quick lesson in spinning and she was spinning away in minutes! Good student and good teacher!

The other big event of the weekend was to visit the alpacas again. But they are all in the barns right now, as they are being sheared next week and if the fleeces are wet, the man will not shear them. So we said a quick hello, and didn't even take any pictures. It's always good to visit them and get a little reminder of what we are working towards!

Dorian wasn't quite sure what to make of his Aunty Jen, he even barked at her at first, which was a little shocking, so we had a good talk about that with our trainer yesterday afternoon. He turned the charm on later, we're not sure why he is having so much trouble with strangers. We wonder if it is part of living in the country and never seeing people very often. Lingy, however, just couldn't get enough of her, she was always sitting on, near, or in front of Jen! It was very exciting to be out of confinement AND have company! But she is back in confinement today, two more weeks to go.
Here's Dorian, what a sweet pea....
...or not....KILL THE POO!!!
Poor Maddy, resting, resting and more resting....

At least she can watch paint dry, there's lots of that going on!

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