Thursday, March 25, 2010


Tom and Madeline have left for Calgary, tomorrow is her post op check and the 12 staples are coming out already! Time has flown! She is doing really well, although quite bored! We were a little worried earlier this week, her walking seemed to get worse and she was rolling her good hip in. I called our vet and they got us another painkiller for her. It has really helped, it was difficult to know she was in enough pain to show it. Last night, since we can't do much training, I started teaching Madeline flash cards. I made a heart, star, circle and square. First I taught her the heart and that she had to slap it with her hand. Then I would shuffle the heart with the other shapes and make her slap the heart, she did it every time! Smart girl! I sent the flash cards with Tom, hopefully he will practice so she doesn't forget, next I will teach her the circle I think. It really makes you wonder how much they can understand, as long as we teach them the word for something they definitly know what it means.

I was looking forward to an evening of Dorian cuddles and knitting......and I FORGOT MY KNITTING AT WORK!!!!! This is the first time I have ever done this. I am so distraught. Hours ahead of me before bed. So, shall I cast on a new project or spin? Or a nice hot soak in the tub? Or painting? Or continue to sit on blogger reading about all the things other people are getting done?

I seem to have this trend of shutting down and doing nothing when Tom goes away. I did do the dishes at least!

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