Sunday, March 14, 2010

Love for Ling!!!

We are leaving for Calgary tonight, to get little Lingy operated on! Everyone send us good thoughts and fast healing vibes please!!! She is having her knee fixed and possibly her throat and breathing fixed if time allows. We are going to be in rehab mode for almost ten weeks. It should be interesting to say the least, Madeline is a well known olympian in her circles. So we are off on a ladies only road trip this afternoon, and the boys are staying home to play video games and whatever else boys do...cuddle and knit maybe???
We are ALL DONE the floor in the addition room! Ouch, I don't know how people do that for a living. We also found out that those heated back pads actually do stay hot for up to eight hours, and they work really great! The floor looks amazing, we couldn't be happier. We are rather flabbergasted at how crooked the walls are. Is this house actually an oval??? I wouldn't mind seeing those blue prints....or the square that was used??

Dorian and Madeline we very helpful throughout the whole process. We are so lucky to have kids that like to help out around the house.

Can you see Tom gritting his teeth?? Great shot hey?

We started installing the baseboard last night. It also looks great.

I have discovered additional fun with spinning...we did our first dye job this week! Of course I started with my favorite color, pink! I also bought a navy blue, but we haven't dyed any of that yet. We started out with this huge roll of white wool, it was just the cheap stuff as we are still in practice mode.

Then we boil it in it's little chemical bath! I wouldn't highly recommend this method, we don't have a hood fan, so the fumes went everywhere and it was rather stinky, after we try the blue I think we will move onto koolaid dyes, as there is no smelly chemical.

The neatest part, was that after boiling the wool, the water was perfectly clear! All the dye goes into the wool! Then we hung it in the shower to dry.

I just started spinning some of it this week, but nothing to show yet, I was more busy finishing up some knitting projects!

I knit this washcloth with our first spun ball of yarn! It is ....yes well, we have some practicing to do as I mentioned before. This is actually a picture of a kitty with a heart in the middle, can you see it????
I finished Carrie's conductor hat. I'm not thrilled with it. It fits funny, I don't know why these projects for Carrie are not turning out. This is the second try and I'm still not happy.
Then I finished this hat that I started to try out a pattern and use up some of my first yarn purchase....Walmart red heart brand...oh I was so foolish in my young knitting days....I can't believe what a yarn snob I have become. This hat is really really weird. And large. And pointy. Any takers? It's really warm though!

Now, for the first time in my knitting career, I have nothing on any needles. I feel a little lost. I have had an exciting request for a Cowichan sweater, which has come at a great time, because I have been wanted to dive into a bigger project then a hat or socks. Although I do want more socks too. They are so heavenly. So any tips or patterns on cowichan sweaters out there? It seems to be tricky just to find a pattern! Oh well, there's nothing like a good knitting challenge!

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Karen said...

What's with the pointy cap? Is it for a gnome or elf? No takers here!!Floor looks good though; Sparky is a big help with laying laminate also especially when Mel staples down the underlay. He loves the stapler and even tries to carry it.