Sunday, February 28, 2010

Louet, you need a name...

Lisa? Lonnie? Louise? Whitney? If I'm going to spend this much time with something, it better have a name....

Welcome home little Louet.

My goodness there was a lot of little pieces in that box!

The wood is unfinished, so I had to take a break from the reno's to work on my louet!
It's really painful when you wait so long for something, and it arrives and then you have to watch paint dry....

Finally, I got to put it all together!

And we had a little unexpected help....

I know it's hard to tell, but yes that is a frog. In my house. In February. I don't know why we even bother with doors. Come on in everybody. Mi Casa, su casa?

Voila! Here she is! Ready to frustrate me to boundries I didn't even know existed!!!


She came with a full bag of wool roving to practice far I have produced nothing worth taking a picture of! Tom had a spin, he did really well. He's a natural fibre artist. Who knew? Tommy Underwood, Artisan.

Hopefully, by the time we get through this bag of wool, we will be able to produce something with a little consistency. Maybe I will find a class someday too. It would be nice to know if we are even doing it right!

We picked up all the flooring for the room on Friday, its a laminate in a nice dark brown, hopefully it will match nicely with the stain I will do on the cabinet in the kitchen. But now we have a small hiccup because there is some heaving in the concrete floor that will cause some unevenness. It was hidden by a carpet seam before. We will call over the neighbor later today for some advise. He is a concrete guy by trade. Hopefully it will be an easy fix, we were planning to have the floor down by the end of the weekend!!!

Wow, that's a terrible picture! It really does look good!

Back to work now!

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