Saturday, February 20, 2010

Can't even.. too much to title...

Holy cow, what a long week. We have been so busy.

First off, check out this loaf of bread. For 13 years I have been making mostly dense little loaves of rocks. One of my coworkers comes in every week with freshly made fluffy bread. So the secret is to add a little extra water, not as much as this of course, it hit the lid!! I couldn't hardly believe it! So, I took a picture, I knew you wouldn't believe it either. Also we added a TONNE of dill, very tasty.

We also made cherry flavored zucchini jam this week. So good.

THEN, on Monday, my washing machine decided to stop spinning. I put in a really good effort to fix the piece of poop. No really I did. I took it apart and everything. I even called a repairman to see if it was worth fixing. I determined that all the small cheaper fixes were not the problem, and then I rushed out the door to hit the stores! Priced out HE washers in all the local appliance stores in record time, and had my new sweet love of my life up and running by supper! Here she is...

Gorgeous, isn't she? Keep away yucky dryer and freezer....old geezers. You'll notice the newly painted "espartment" grey color on the wall. Looking good!

Here's the view of the new entry way beside the laundry room. For those of you who have been here, you will note I no longer have to put shoes on and go outside to do my laundry! What a treat!

We love the new door and window, the door has the little blinds INSIDE the glass! FANCY!

Here is the other end of the room from the doorway. I am all done painting the grey and the rest of the walls and the ceiling are going to be vanilla iceream and white trim. I think it will look good. A little hard to tell yet.

What to do with the pretty 70's carpet still on the floor. I'm sure a few hours with a carpet shampooer will clean that rug right up!

Just kidding, it's totally going to the dump. Or I might just light it on fire right in the yard.

I know by now you are thinking, holy cow, they really busted their butts this week, they must be exhausted...when did they knit. Well don't you worry, I not only knit this week, but I completed a project. However, it turned out really good except that it is made for someone with a really tiny head??? Anyone? Any takers? I put a little limegreen button on's made with alpaca....really cute.

Free's so needs a head to keep it warm. Please don't let this little hat suffer....

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Karen said...

Could this be my last year's birthday present instead? I love it but how small is it? Are we talking for a baby or small child? Where is your kitchen cupboard door with the different stains? Keep working; it is looking good.