Sunday, February 7, 2010

Field Trip #2

We have decided Alpaca people are the most friendliest people on earth. Yesterday we phoned up a local couple that have an alpaca ranch and they couldn't have been more happier to have us come and visit! Anytime, they said, except 5 am is too early!

So off we went this morning before dog classes to play some more alpaca games! We got a tonne of good information, and this couple was so happy to share everything they know. They are having a shearing day in April and have invited us to come back and get some hands on it April yet?

Everything about alpacas is perfect for our acreage and our lifestyle. It is the perfect hobby farm animal! Today we found out about all the food and bedding and where to locate these things in our area, and vets and shearing and babies! So much information!

This is a mom and daughter duo that some day could be living at our house....the mom looks a little crazy, but I would too with straw in my hair!

And this little guys name is Max, and he can come too!

We have started work on finishing the fence and getting a gate put in.

And drum roll please.....tonight we have come up with a name.....

Alpacattack Ranch!

What do you think? Comments, suggestions???

And on the spinning wheels yet. I have been on the phone and internet non stop. What a dissappointment. I have decided on a model I want, and entry level Louet S17. Its dead sexy. A few places in the Okanagon can order it for me, I am just waiting to see who has the best price. I can hardly wait. My wool is calling calling...spin me spin me spin keeps me up at night.

Well, I better sign off, my needles await.

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