Thursday, February 4, 2010

Alpacas and Yarn!

I am having a difficult time finding moments to sit down this week. So I will quickly post some pictures in between dog training, knitting and greys anatomy....which might I add is a little dissappointing this season.

Here are some pictures of the wonderful alpacas we met!

The two big guys in the back are actually Llamas! My favorite is the light brown guy on the right...he had the biggest brown eyes ever!
They let us stand right in them and they were very curious about us too.
These were all the ladies, we were just getting ready to help feed them and they were very eager to be fed!

We got to take these two little boys for walkies! ( The lady who owns the farm was British!) They follow along and walk nicer then most dogs do!

Oh, my precious yarn. The colors are all natural. The rose grey was my favorite. This picture doesn't do it justice. I also bought two little packages of fibre to practice spinning....if I ever get my hands on a wheel.

And for a souvenir, she gave us a little "prezzie"!

This is my Christmas ball of yarn from my mom, I am knitting Sunday Swing socks off the Knitty website. I am actually done this sock now, and getting along on the second one!

Lingy and I are getting pretty good at the self portraits...she took this one.

We are glad to be home in the Most Beautiful Place On Earth!

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