Thursday, October 29, 2009

Cat in a box

As many of you know, earlier this fall, Tommy and I made Purla a fantastic Estate home. We made it Rancher style, so she wouldn't have to go up and down stairs in her arthritic years. The number of times she has enjoyed her new house, we could count on one hand. This week, however, she has decided that she prefers our home! She hovers outside the door, and the second we open it, MEOW, she walks on in! And MEOW, where's my dinner! So, being the good servant that I am, I promptly set to making her a bed. Out of the finest materials. Cardboard. And a pillow. She has moved on in.

Madeline, could give a rats pooper that there is a cat in the house. in love.

With Purla and her cardboard box.

I can't seem to get this picture right side up, but you get the idea!

It takes 24 hours of surveilance to keep Dorian away from Purla and her bed. It makes us a little nervous, because I think she weighs about six pounds and Dorian is already 17 pounds! He pounces at her, and smells her and bats her and pushes her.....and she loves every second of it! Sometimes I wonder if this is the first entertainment she has had in her whole life!

So everynight night this week, she comes in as soon as we get home from work, and stays in all night curled up in front of the fire until the next morning when we shoo her out for the day.... god forbid, next stop, litter box. Yuck.

Tonight I also discovered that this Sunday at the auction house is all crafts and yarn!!!! Yippee! And then I realize plummeting back to's the same time as Dorian's class. Poopee. I'm working on a plan. Best case scenario, class will be cancelled due to Halloween the previous night....I am anxiously checking my email for updates. My fathers days projects are coming along swiftly now that my summer hiatus is over!

I will keep you posted about my possible first auction purchases ever!


Ang said...

I'm glad someone finally likes him - I felt bad for the little guy...

Tommy said...

Me too