Tuesday, October 20, 2009

We may be in trouble.....

You know those dogs.....you smile at them from you car, they might be in a vehicle, with their head out an open window, or they might be in the back of a truck, hanging over the edge as far as they can, but where ever they are they are barking. All down the road Bark Bark Bark Bark, at nothing in particular. We used to laugh at these funny dogs, wondering what was going through their heads, what are they trying to say? And we would smile at Julien and Madeline and think about how smart our babies are! And quiet! Good car riders!

Life as we knew it, is over. I have a barker. I've tried him in his crate...bark bark bark, I tried him in the back seat, bark bark bark. I've tried him in the front seat, bark bark bark. At nothing, nothing at all! The only time he's not barking is when he is eating the seat belt, my purse, the shifter, or doing a headstand. Yeah, a headstand, not even joking a little bit. He's definitly not car sick, and he's not stressed out at all. He's just really really loud and verbal. And Madeline and I get out at the end of each trip, rolling our eyes at eachother, and Mommy takes an Advil and Lingy takes a quiet nap!

Now, everyone is laughing at us, I think! We are getting nervous already about the 7 hr drive to Calgary this Christmas! It's going to be a long long trip.

We had our second training class this weekend. The crazy lady who talks really loudly to her dogs immediatly had to "come and see Madeline", and then proceeded to talk to her. I find this incredibly awkward. Am I supposed to respond on her behalf? Make her talk? Talk to this womens dog? I chose none of the above, I just stared at her. And at the end of the class she did it again, saying goodbye to Madeline, but not us, so we just walked away. Strange.
But Maddy is a superstar, in class. What a show off! She will probably be advanced to level two soon, but home is a different story. We are working very hard on sitting on a mat, I think she's starting to get it.
Dorians doing great too, no sign of advancement though! We'll be in level one for a while. I think he's starting to understand what the click means though. That will help, for the first while he definitly wasn't putting it all together. He goes on the mat right away now, so I think he understands!

It's too late to post any pictures tonight, I will try another night. I need to take some new ones anyways!

And one last huge news!!!!! My sister is getting married! Yay! We are so excited! Congratulations Angie and Luc!

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