Sunday, May 2, 2010

Green Sleeves

We spend our first good evening working in the yard last night! Weeding is in full swing, and the lawn has been mowed twice already! My seeds, ordered back, waaaay back in January, have finally arrived. If the rain stays away we will rototill and plant this weekend!
The pups were so thrilled to be running around outside all evening, especially since Ling has officially been released from bed rest! Dorian stopped to smell the tulips, in between barking insanely at the lawnmower. I tried to get a picture of their green paws!

It almost appears that Dorian is no longer the little brother! He actually is still a little bit smaller then her, with a slightly larger head!
Here's a better shot of Madeline holding up her green hands!

Sort of!

We spent hours outside! When we finally came in, exhausted and thirsty, we realized it was only 7:30! My goodness, we need to work on our gardening stamina! Well I should say me, Tommy continued mowing the weeds for another couple of hours. It worked out well though, I had some knitting to do!

I finally finished Tommys scappy socks, meant to use up little bits of yarn leftovers. I don't think I actually used up any though! They fit a little weird because of all the different size yarns, but hopefully they will get better after a few washes! The sad part of these socks is that they were almost completey knit during work hours, which tells you just how busy we were in April! Yikes, good thing there's yarn to get a girl through the day!

The cowichan is on the home stretch, just the collar is left to be knit! Hopefully I will finish it off this week!

Today is our last puppy training for the summer. We could have continued on with agility, but with Maddys knee and that fact that classes are moving outside into the heat, it is not a good option for us. So we are taking a well deserved break! We did pretty good, we made it to level four obediance in one year!

And one last exciting news! I am finished paying off one student loan! FINALLY! One more to go!

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