Monday, May 24, 2010

May Short

My, we have a lot of catching up to do!
Yesterday I made cinnamon buns for the first time. Big mistake. BIG ONE. There are none left today. None. I will not make that mistake again. Unless I have exactly 12 people in my house the would like one each. My icing kind of melted because I was really impatient, but warm melty icing on a fresh warm bun, good lord. Have mercy on me.

Two weeks ago, I attended my first meeting of the Slocan Valley Thread Guild! It was a wonderful evening! Everyone was very kind and welcoming, exactly as I knew they would be! I made a new friend even! There was a girl just a little younger then me, and I'll give you one guess what her name is. One hint : starts with a J. And my list of friends with the same name as me grows by one! She is an encyclopedia of knitting and spinning information and very talented! I am so excited to meet her, but then my happiness was crushed when I found out she is leaving in a few short days for the rest of the summer! But we did manage to get in one spinning and knitting date yesterday, my living room was yarn and fibre from one end to the next and it was heaven!

Last weekend I went to Vancouver to meet up with my mom and my sister and spend some time crying over pretty white dresses. I did manage to weasel in a trip to the yarn store (and Ikea of course, oh and Pajo's of course). It was a great store, we got to have a little tour of a hundred year old carding machine that was bigger then my bedroom! Surprisingly, there were very little safety checks in place, so we were thankful it wasn't running! The drive belt was longer then a car! And the drums could have easily carded an arm into some nice quilt batting! They actually use it to this day! It was crazy! Of course I bought some yummy fibre and a new bobbin for the Louet! And I persuaded my big sis to put a zipper in the cowichan for me, it would be all finished, but the collar doesn't line up, so I have to do a little reworking.
My new knitting friend convinced me of the good that comes from swatching what you spin, so I spun a little, tried her new technique of thwacking! And knit up some of my new fibre! I'm glad I did, I can see I need a little more twist, but all in all I think it looks pretty good so far!
Today we finally saw a inkling of summer, so we quickly mowed the jungle, aka lawn and planted the majority of the garden. It was even warm enough to get out the swimming pool and Madeline gave Dorian some swimming lessons. We also bought Dorians first life jacket this weekend, it's really nice, but the one strap covers up his little dong, so I will have to do a little sewing. Dusted off the patio furniture and cleaned the porch! Phew, starting to look good out there. It even looks like we might get a bloom out of the Rhododendron we planted last year! I was very jealous driving around Vancouver, they were in full swing there, so I have been talking very nicely and I can see a little smudge of pink under one of the buds!
(PS mom, I set up the little bistro set over by the hammock, looks really cute there!)
And the may long weekend comes to a close for another year...


Ang said...

you have alot of exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!
nice yarn......

Karen said...

I probably won't get the bistro set back now. Oh well, if we bring the car when we come, it may not fit anyway. Your yarn does look very nice.