Sunday, August 22, 2010

New Flash

We have been keeping it busy for the first half of August. Some exciting events are transpiring here in the Kootenays.

First off, as we have lived in this house for almost three years (well two and a half, but close enough) it is way past time to move. Plus we are starting to feel like this house has a curse on us, so a change is in order. We have officially put our house up for sale. We've had lots of showings already, and all good feedback, but no offers yet. I hope it happens quickly, I am already getting tired of cleaning the floors and house every other day. The joys of selling a house with two dogs.

Another exciting event happened yesterday. Our truck, which was a hefty lease payment, went back yesterday! What a weight off the bank account. So we are now a one car family, weird! I wasn't even a one car family before I married Mr Rona.

We have been inspired by my mom and step dad to try kayaking, so we have gone out for a few tries at it. It is an excellent workout. We sleep very well after a day of that.

Dorian went for his first boat ride this month. He did very well. He also enjoyed sitting in the chair that Julien always sat in.

We got a boatload of raspberries this year, so I think we will try our hand at making raspberry jam. I just made the second last batch of Zuchinni jam from last years crop, good thing, the zuchinnis are in full swing already. I recently bought a small jar of jam from the store and I couldn't believe how awful it tasted. I guess it is homemade jam for us from now on.

We had fourteen dead pine over the last year, thanx to the pine beetle. So our friend who is an excellent faller came and knocked them over for us. We have a big mess to clean up. It would be nice if they would lift the fire ban so we could start burning all the branches. It is turning into a rather enourmous pile.

Please excuse the dry content. We seem to be stuck in a holding pattern temporarily. I will try to spice it up soon.

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Ang said...

Did the dogs go in the kayaks? I haven't figured out how to do that with Min and Bin yet.