Sunday, September 26, 2010


Today we toed the line. A dangerous line. A homemade raspberry jam line. A line that could bring a person over to obesity. It's scary.

Today, was canning day. We were a little less ambitious then last year. We only made pickles and jam this year. Today wasn't designated as canning day, but we were working in the garden yesterday, and my helper (Dorian) was kind enough to harvest the cucumbers for me. So today became canning day. After picking all the cuc's out of the garden, I foolishly left the bowl on the ground. I looked around a few minutes later at my sweet dogs....Maddy is playing Frisbee, Dori is chewing on a wait, that's not a stick...A CUCUMBER! That crazy boy ate an entire cucumber! What a sneak!

So Tommy found a new recipe for pickles this year, we will know in a week how they taste! We weren't too thrilled with last year's recipe, so we'll see how this new one turns out.

Then, since we had the canner boiling, we decided to get making jam with all the raspberries we picked this summer. I can guarantee, this is the best jam I have ever tasted. So come on over everybody, and have some toast. We are now thinking, we need to plant raspberry bushes over every inch of the property!
And people wonder why I like the fall! Harvest time... and knitting. What more could you ask for?

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