Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Babies, balaclava's and zombies!

My gorgeous husband....back off ladies. Need I say more.

And my lastest stunning portrait. I would like to thank my sister, for capturing these wonderful pictures on film. Ang, your the best photographer I know.

On Monday we were doing some shopping at the Wholesale Club, and came across these balaclava for 95 cents, as if we could resist! We must keep our babies ears warm this winter! Obviously they love it, well, I'm sure they will love them when they realize how warm their ears are!

We are please to announce that both our children have passed level one obediance and are moving on to level 2! So smart!

I am posting lots of pictures today, because I am so excited that I finally figured out how to make my pictures be smaller bytes! Yay! Now it takes minutes to upload instead of hours!

My precious Angel. Tonight we played a new game...."Find it" with the Kong! I leashed them up so they couldn't see me, and then hid the kong and then let them go (one at a time of course!). Maddy loved it, she went crazy and was pretty good at! Until I hid it under a dish, and then she was a little stumped! Dorian loved it too, although I'm not sure if he really knew what was going on! But he was very happy when mommy helped him to find the kong! I'm sure he will get better with time!

My first auction experience was severly disappointing. No purchases were made. It was....just so disappointing.


Ang said...

I AM a good photographer

Jennifer said...

Oh, she is so gorgeous!