Thursday, November 12, 2009

Annnnnnnd.......we're back.

Last Friday was my own personal horror movie.

Picture this:
Youngish, okay, middleage pretty girl, okay, middleage girl that was once cute in her younger years....
Nevermind, a lady. A lady on two very very dark acres. Alone on her two very very dark acres for the first time ever! Her husband has gone away for the weekend! But she's okay. She's independent. Lots to keep her busy. Tick tock tick it bedtime yet....nope only 7:15. Yikes. Okay play with the dogs, lets dogs out. Watch some tv, is it bedtime yet? Nope, only 8:05. So this lady decides to go online and do some blogging. Have I mentioned dial up before? She turns on her computer. Leaves for 15 minutes, comes back, no dial tone? What the? She tries again. Still no dial tone? She checks the cord, yup, everything is connected. Hmph.
She goes to the phone....insert scary music here...NO DIAL TONE? WHAT THE? Okay. We're okay. (Insert dogs barking crazily at the windows at unseen objects outside).
She gathers up the phone number for Telus and her husband in calgary and runs to the car, and DRIVES to her neighbours house...which is only about 100 feet away, but did I mention the dark dark darkness yet? She goes to her neighbours house and barely makes it inside before something is breathing down her neck. Maybe it was just the wind. Maybe.
She phones Telus, the wonderfully kind understanding and sympathetic advisor on the other end of the line WON'T HELP HER UNLESS SHE HAS HER HUSBANDS DRIVERS LICENSE NUMBER!!!! WHAT THE!!!!!
She calmly drives back to her very scary very dark two acres, runs from the car to the house...finds the appropriate information and goes back to the neighbors and back on the phone to Telus, dials and gets a new operator...who requires only her .......ADDRESS!!!! WHAT THE .....!
The new kind operator that does not require information such as a sample of her husbands saliva, kindly makes her and appointment for ........EIGHT DAYS FROM NOW!!!!! And kindly tells her that the problem is most likely her phone or inside the house.
Not much happened in the next week. The lady was not attacked. There was not a mass murderer in her very dark two acres. She didn't die. She didn't get hurt. Her husband came home. She continued to go to work.

And this morning, she went to work, and on her coffee break, she dialed her house, to see if there was a dial tone yet, and lo and behold, there was!

You might think this scary story ends here! But there's more!

About 1/2 an hour later the lady is paged for line 1! Its the service technician from Telus! She hasn't even been to the house yet! Did I realize the phone was working now! YES I DID!!!! ARG.

So the phone fixed itself, a mere hour or two before the technician even got to our house.

The moral of the story is....
How many times can a girl scream at a Telus rep?
No, really, how many??? Please? Anyone?


Karen said...

Think you better come live closer to mommy. There is a lot for sale lake front. We do have street lights and our phone always works! And no snow yet, lots of sunshine. Have I convinced you yet!

Ang said...

If I get your name in the 'NEW' Xmas draw I'm buying you a freaking pay what you can cell phone....