Monday, June 7, 2010

Yup, still raining.

And I can't believe I lit the wood stove in JUNE! Good Grief.

The biggest news of the week is we bought a new to us vehicle! Wait for's a mini van. I said no laughing! It's awesome. And it has AC. And it was really cheap. And I can't wait to bring it home! But first we must sell the corolla...soooo if anybody wants a corolla 4wd, call me! Here she is! What a beauty! So roomy! And since my pictures are downloading in record time today, here are the Rhododendrons in bloom, there is no sun to take a picture, but the color is really much better then it shows. There are a ton of iris' blooming too.
The upstairs bathroom is completed, CHECK! The color is a little more subtle then before. I'm still not in love with it next to the cedar, but it's growing on me, we put up new toilet roll holders and new towel holders, and thats about all we will do in there for now. Maybe some new lights if I come across anything good.

And here is a picture of our bedroom, so you can appreciate why we sometimes have trouble sleeping. Who picks these colors? I'm still debating doing it the same blue as the bathroom or the grey from downstairs. I just don't want to introduce another color.

And lastly, a picture of the lighting in the bonus room, I really like them and Tommy did a great job getting them all to hang the same height!

Wish us luck for a speedy sale on the corolla so we can start driving our dreamy van!

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