Monday, January 18, 2010

Why aren't there any 24hour yarn stores?

Apologies again, it is knitting season. So much yarn, so little time, my thoughts are turning to gardening already, which makes me excited for spring, but sad that there is only a short time left in knitting season. I swore last year I would knit all year long, but there was just too much to do between yard work, gardening and getting wood for the coming winter. We'll see, maybe this year I could squeeze in a little knitting!

I finally finished Tom's socks that I started last year after a ten month battle with SSS. BUT, the whole reason I started these socks was to finish up a ball of leftover yarn. And to my horror, a few short rows, and I mean short rows literally...ahahaa knitting pun, I RAN OUT!!!! Arg.

SO luckily it was Wednesday night, which is the night our local knitting store is open late to host a stitch and bitch, but we were busy doing some dog training, so at 8:58pm, I stuck my foot in the door and forced my way in :)

And again to my horror, da da daaaaaa, she didn't have any more!!!!

So you will notice that the second sock has a plain green toe. Pooh. Oh well, it will be in his shoes anyways. I think they turned out well for my first socks! I have already started my second pair for me! I got some awesome awesome yarn from my mom ( and a yarn fairy) for Christmas, I am already almost done the leg!

And I am anxiously waiting for a pattern to arrive from Esty and I am going to knit the coolest hat be announced!!!

Madeline and Dorian are back in school! We love having them learning on Sundays, then they are tired for days after!

They didn't move a muscle last evening, and we all woke up this morning in the exact same position we went to sleep in. And yes, they are still sleeping right now.

Dorian has 10 days left of testosterone heaven, next week we are heading back to Calgary to have his bells removed! Yay! Sometimes he gets a little amorous. Hopefully he will go back to being a little sweetie after! Yuck, teenage boys!

Well I should sign off a go get my chores done! The wood bin is empty again! And knitting to be done! I will try to be more diligent with my blogging from now on!


Jennifer said...

Hey - those socks look very similar to a hat I have seen somewhere :)

Karen said...

The socks look great and yes, they will be in his shoes anyway. I am just amazed how you have picked up this knitting hobby. Good for you.