Sunday, January 24, 2010

The flame the flame!!!

Believe it or not the olympic flame came down our street this morning, and I do mean our street, not the highway, the actual street! Strange!

We are not really big fans of the olympics so we had no intention of getting up on a Sunday morning at 7:38 precisely to watch....but fate had other plans.

At 6:30 the tones went on Toms' firehall radio and off he went to the scene of an accident, it was a bad one and Tom even got to operate the jaws of life, the lady seems to be okay though.

So Maddy, Dorian and I were left behind, wide awake. We put on our coats and ambled down to the end of the driveway and laughed at the neighbor lady waving her flag like a kid at a parade!

Tom pulled back home just after the torch went by, but he did get to see it too!

This week Dorian got to help make his first batch of cookies, I wasn't sure it he could handle the excitement, but he was really good, as long as there were lots of taste tests happening.

I was attempting to make my own training treats, because we go through a ton of them and most of the store bought ones give them excessive gas, but it was a lot of extra work to make them all in fingernail size pieces....any suggestion out there?

Madeline got bored halfway through and decided to lie down on top of her kennel, she didn't dare get too far away from the action!

Also I have an exciting Alpaca update!

We are going on a field trip next friday to an Alpaca Farm just outside of Cochrane! I will take lots of pictures and tell you all about it, it will be just like my report after a school trip! We're pretty excited. I've also been trying to find a spinning class, with no luck yet, I have a few leads but no actual schedualed classes yet. I can't wait to visit this farm, she has the most gorgous yarn on her spree!!!!!


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