Wednesday, May 11, 2011

TMI ALERT!!! Baby post!

Consider that your warning. This post is about babies and pink.

We had a lovely visit from Grandma and Grandpa F. this Easter! They came with tools in hand to tackle the baby room! Thank goodness they work for free! They really are lifesavers, and the task was way to daunting for one guy and a pregnant chick to handle!

We decided the room we wanted to use was my sewing/craft room. It wasn't pretty and it had cabinets across two of the walls. Great for sewing, but something about child labour made us think it wasn't suitable for a baby. Grandma and I headed off to the fabric store, to find inspiration and a color palette. which only took a mere three hours, and Grandpa and Dad set to work with the crow bars. By the time we got back, after lunch and some more shopping, they were all done demolition! So this is sort of, a before picture.

Sparky was positive this room was for him, if at anytime throughout the day we couldn't find Sparky he was usually curled up in the centre of the room. And of course Dorian could be found trying to get into Sparky's actual room, where the food was. Proving once again, that Julien really did leave behind a bulldog handbook, with all the greatest tips!

Now, came the girls turn, to take that room and dip it in pink! We painted all the walls pink and all the trim white. Side note to Jen: there were lots of giggles all throughout about how much you would love the color theme! We threw it back to the boys to get the floor in and headed down to the craft room! Because what little girls room isn't complete without some feathers! So we decorated the lamp and the shade and Sparky even got some too!

We didn't get too much done on the sewing, but I threw the front side of the dust ruffle up to show off the fabric we chose. I think I will do a window valence in the same fabric.

Now we need to get the decorative touches done, we have an adorable shelf and mirror to hang courtesy of Grandma and Grandpa. We are waiting for our chandelier to come on sale. And still looking for knobs for the dresser. I have bought an excess of fake flowers that we are going to use to make a mobile!

I'm so thrilled with this room so far! It is so sweet and dreamy! I hope we make lots of good memories in here!

Here in the Kootenays, there is not a lot of shopping options, but one thing we do have is thrift stores....and better yet, baby consignment stores. Grandma and I may have snuck into a few along the way! It's really addictive. And the shoes are extremely addictive! So here is a shot of our shoe collection so far...some are old, some are new, all are squeal inducing.....say it with me now....AWWWWWWWWWW!

Today is officially 30 weeks along! I am also done work now. Which is something that I have been looking forward to for so long, but now that it is here, it is rather unsettling. Hopefully I will get used to it soon. I'm finding it hard to talk in the evenings, when I haven't talked all day! Although keeping busy is certainly not a problem, the list is never ending, so I'm certainly not bored!

A special thank-you to Grandpa F. for working so hard, when he was not feeling well! We are all glad you are okay and on the mend!

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Karen said...

Still love the colors - think we picked the right setting. Shall we go in for interior design?