Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Few FO's

I seemed to be continually sidetracked from writing on my blog lately. It's not even the knitting, that has been slow too this season. But I did finish a few projects recently.

This little hat is knit with the softest alpaca/bamboo yarn. It's heavenly, unfortunatly it won't fit anyone born before the new millenium, but I know a few little girls that it might just fit. It will be heading out in the mail shortly!

Tom officialy became a member of the Slocan Valley Threads Guild this year, and we attended together a really neat paper making day. Here is what we made,
Some of the colors arrived due to the recylced paper we used and some we added spices or food to. We did a batch of beets and celery! It came out really pretty!

I finished another pair of socks for Tom. I learned a new system for these: Toe up, Two at a Time. I didn't really enjoy it, everything seemed to take twice as long and I was continually untangling yarn. I have another pair cast on already, back to the good old tried and true, top down, on 5dpns! Sigh, already done one sock. So quick and easy!

There is one more project we've been working on that I would like to share even though it is not done yet!

We've been working on this one for about 23 weeks now. We are hoping to be done mid-July! For those who don't like the pink background on this blog, this is your warning, it's about to get a whole lot pinker around here!!!! I'll try to keep it to a minimum, but sometimes I get a little carried away.

Maybe I do know why I've been so distracted lately....


Brenda BE said...

Love this blog post. It is so nice to see your little pink project. Can't wait to meet the finished product.
Love "Auntie" Brenda

Karen said...

Did you say you were distracted - only a little!!!!