Sunday, August 30, 2009

1st Post!

This blog has been started to document and remember all the fun things we do with Madeline.

We are on dial up, so this may be painful.

We have also recently lost her older brother Julien, this is also painful.

The first order of business is to let everyone know that Madeline is training hard to walk in Paws for a Cause on Sept 13. We are raising money in memory of her brother Julien, and walking in his memory. Julien participated in two paws for cause in his life.....well, the second one he mostly rode in a wagon...but good times were had by all.

We have high hopes that Madeline will excel in the bobbing for bones challenge. We are also hoping that our Team Julien t-shirts arrive in time! The estimated time of arrival is Sept 10, so we are cutting it very close.

I will now attempt to download a picture of Madeline on dial up! Don't hold your breath!
Oh right, and a link for Paws for a cause.

There it is .....I've never made a link.....we need help!

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Ang said...

you did it!!!!!!!!! WOOHOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!